8 Reasons to Recycle Your Faulty Mobile Phone

8 Reasons to Recycle Your Faulty Mobile Phone

Why bother recycling your faulty mobile phone? After all, it’s just sitting in a drawer not doing any harm, right?

Sure, that might be the case – and for thousands, if not millions, of people in the UK, it is – but surely your faulty mobile phone can be of more use to you than that! Here’s why…

  1. It saves the Earth’s resources. The more we reuse, or allow others to reuse, the fewer of the planet’s resources we use up in making more stuff! Why make more parts when we have them right here? It makes no sense.
  2. It decreases pollution rates. If we’re manufacturing fewer parts, we’re creating less pollution. This is better for our ozone layer and, ultimately, for the human race. After all, we all benefit from a healthier planet!
  3. It reduces landfill waste. Every faulty mobile phone that is recycled is a mobile phone that doesn’t go into landfill. In the end, this reduces the damaging waste that is filling our planet.
  4. It can earn you some cash. And you like cash, right? Depending on your phone’s make, model, and general condition, it could really be worth a few quid.
  5. And that cash could buy you something new! Cash from selling your faulty mobile phone is cash you weren’t counting on, making it perfect for putting towards a new phone, or anything else you’re saving up for!
  6. It’s a never-ending opportunity. So, you sold your first faulty mobile phone, and you loved making money from it. After years of use, many mobile phones stop working, so who’s to say that one will be your last? And if it isn’t, no worries – more cash for you!
  7. It can save space in your home. Who doesn’t need more space and less clutter? Nobody we know! Selling your faulty mobile phone could be the first step towards decluttering that junk drawer that you’ve been meaning to get around to for years.
  8. Breaking your phone won’t seem so bad. If you know you can make money from it, damaging your phone won’t be so heart-breaking. So wipe those tears, and get your phone valued!

Not convinced? Search for your phone’s make and model here and see how much you could earn!

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