8 Steps to Keeping Your Phone Safe This Summer

8 Steps to Keeping Your Phone Safe This Summer

Summertime means sunshine, beaches, and the great outdoors, not to mention a ton of fun!

But, it’s 2017 and good weather and fun doesn’t mean we won’t need our phones and tablets. Being outside and in the heat can put your mobile phone at more risk than usual of damage, and that’s the last thing you want when you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on it. Check out our tips on keeping your precious mobile phone and tablet safe this summer – a working mobile phone is fun, but a faulty mobile phone is much less so!

  1. Keep your devices cool. Mobile phones and tablets can easily overheat and, because the LCD layer within the screen can expand when it heats up, this can lead to the screen cracking. The same can happen to the battery, resulting in a new one being required, as well as potentially cracking the phone body itself. And nobody wants a faulty mobile phone for the summer!
  2. If your phone does get warm, don’t cool it down too quickly. So, if it gets left in a car, which in turn gets hot in the summer sun, go easy on the air con when you get in. Cooling your phone or tablet down too quickly can cause condensation behind the screen, and then you have – you guessed it – a faulty mobile phone with water damage!
  3. Buy a case for your phone or tablet. When you’re out and about more, you’re much more likely to drop and damage your device. There are some fantastic protective covers around that can protect both the screen and body of the phone.
  4. Avoid the sand. In other words, if you’re going to the beach, leave your tech at home! As you’ll already know, sand gets – literally – everywhere, and there’s no truly foolproof way of guaranteeing that it won’t make its way into charging and headphone ports.
  5. Keep your devices away from the water. Sure, it sounds obvious, yet people are still damaging their phones with water exposure! If you go to the swimming pool, leave your phone at home or in a securely locked locker. At the beach? If you must take it with you, leave it under the watchful eye of one of your beach companions and don’t take it anywhere near the sea. Remember, water itself isn’t the only thing that can damage your phone – there’s also salt and chlorine to contend with!
  6. Dry your hands. Yes, water damage is a risk. But during the summer, we’re often sweaty or covered in sun cream – often, both! Make sure that your hands are thoroughly wiped dry from any water, sweat, drinks, foods (don’t forget ice cream!), or creams that they come into contact with.
  7. Be security conscious. Crowded festivals provide thieves with the perfect opportunity to steal from fun-loving music lovers, so be sure to keep your phone with you at all times, and secured safely in a deep, tight pocket or in a bag that is difficult to access. Plus, remember that dishonest people aren’t the only thing you have to worry about – when you’re distracted and having fun, you’re far more likely to drop or misplace your phone.
  8. Use a tracking app. Tracking apps connect your phone to another device so that you can locate it if it goes missing. The ‘Find My iPhone’ app is already on many Apple products, and is really handy as an extra safety precaution. Bear in mind that you will need an internet connection to use it.

Remember, a dry, cool phone is a happy, working phone, so be careful! But, if it’s too late and the damage is already done, we can take your faulty mobile phone off your hands. Get it valued here.

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