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About Recycle Faulty Phones

At recyclefaultyphones.co.uk, we want to help you discover cash you never knew you had. Our secret? Faulty phones! Almost every household in the UK has a junk drawer or box with a faulty phone or two inside. You can’t use them but you don’t want to dump them in the bin, so what do you do? You leave them in a drawer, creating extra clutter that you just don’t need.

To help you part with your once loved phone, we’ll not only recycle them, but we’ll pay you for them too! Our business model couldn’t be simpler. You search for your phone, pack it up and pop it in the post, and we’ll take it from there. Once we receive your phone, we take a look inside and get to work recycling and salvaging the parts that can be reused. The minute we’re done inspecting your faulty phone, we send your payment directly to you.

Price Promise

We guarantee to pay the most for your phone, if you find a better price somewhere else, let us know.

Same Day Pay

Choose bank transfer as your payment option to get paid on the same day we receive your phone.

Free to Post

We provide free, pre-paid postage to every customer to make it quick and easy for you to send your faulty phone to us.

No Return Fee

We’ll return your phone for free if you’re not happy with a revised quote.

Price Checked

We regularly review and update our prices to ensure we pay the most for your phone.

Recycle Promise

We promise to recycle any non-reusable phones in the most environmentally friendly way.

Why Choose Us?


We give your faulty phone
the green treatment


Quick & simple. No listings,
no phone calls, just cash!


Fast, easy cash.
Straight in your pocket!

How it works

We make recycling your faulty mobile phone simple. We do the hard work, you take the cash!


Search for your phone
and get an instant quote


Pack your phone, pop it in the post
and we’ll take care of the rest


Your phone arrives, you get paid.
It’s that simple.

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