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8 Steps to Keeping Your Phone Safe This Summer

Summertime means sunshine, beaches, and the great outdoors, not to mention a ton of fun! But, it’s 2017 and good weather and fun doesn’t mean we won’t need our phones and tablets. Being outside and in the heat can put your mobile phone at more risk than usual of damage, and that’s the last thing you want when you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on it. Check out our tips on keeping your precious mobile phone and tablet safe this summer [...]

Do Mobile Phone Recycling Companies Keep Their Word?

Picture the scenario. You come across your old mobile phone in a drawer. You think it won’t be worth much but figure you might as well check. You log on to your PC and find a site that looks trustworthy. You type in your phone’s make and model and are told it’s worth a cool £28.75. Awesome! So, you pack up your phone, following the instructions on the website, and hand it over to the postman. Then it’s just a [...]

8 Reasons to Recycle Your Faulty Mobile Phone

Why bother recycling your faulty mobile phone? After all, it’s just sitting in a drawer not doing any harm, right? Sure, that might be the case – and for thousands, if not millions, of people in the UK, it is – but surely your faulty mobile phone can be of more use to you than that! Here’s why… It saves the Earth’s resources. The more we reuse, or allow others to reuse, the fewer of the planet’s resources we use up [...]