Do Mobile Phone Recycling Companies Keep Their Word?

Do Mobile Phone Recycling Companies Keep Their Word?

Picture the scenario.

You come across your old mobile phone in a drawer. You think it won’t be worth much but figure you might as well check. You log on to your PC and find a site that looks trustworthy. You type in your phone’s make and model and are told it’s worth a cool £28.75. Awesome! So, you pack up your phone, following the instructions on the website, and hand it over to the postman. Then it’s just a case of waiting for the company to pay you your £28.75, right?

Wrong. You receive an email from your chosen mobile phone recycling company telling you that they’re very sorry, but your phone is too damaged and is worth a mere fraction of what they promised you, a meagre £7.20. How disappointing! Well, you’re not going to sell it for that. After all, you might be able to get more for it elsewhere. So, you opt to have the phone returned to you, which you guess should be simple enough.

You’re wrong. You click through the website only to find out that in order to have your phone sent back to you, you’ll have to pay £7.99. Pardon? You have to pay to get your own property back? That doesn’t make sense! But you reread the terms and find that, whether it makes sense or not, it’s true.

So, you have a decision to make. Accept £7.20 for a phone you were told would be worth four times as much, or pay £7.99 (more!) to get back a phone that you no longer want or need. Madness, you think!

Sadly, the decision is easy. You accept the £7.20 for your phone, but you can’t help feeling like you’ve been ‘had’. You handed over your mobile phone, putting your trust into this company and assuming that they would pay what they promised. If the phone is too damaged, you can understand, but why should you have to pay for them to return it? You realise now that you took all the risk, whilst they took none.

Unfortunately, this is how many mobile phone recycling companies work. They provide you with the best possible price that your phone could get, yet reduce it drastically when your phone doesn’t meet their strict quality guidelines. But, to ensure that they don’t lose money, they force their customers to pay to have their phones returned, giving them little choice but to sell it at the reduced price.

At Recycle Faulty Phones, we never do this. We believe in being 100% upfront and honest, just as you would expect from any company that you deal with. We’ll always endeavour to pay you the price that we quote, and on the rare occasion where we can’t, due to excessive damage to the phone, we won’t charge you to send it back. This way, we take all of the risk, while you take none – just the way it should be.

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