Sell Broken Google Pixel XL 128GB


Sell Broken Google Pixel XL 128GB


We guarantee pay quoted price for mobile phones with minor faults.

Our minor faults are,

  • Ear speaker fault and Loud speaker fault
  • Back glass smashed and LCD glass broken
  • Main camera fault and front camera fault
  • Battery fault and Charging fault
  • Volume buttons fault and home button fault
  • Vibrator fault, Software fault and Mic fault
  • Sensor fault and many more.

BER (Beyond Economic Repairs) faults are,

  • Water damaged and Dead
  • Fully smashed, Broken and no display in Samsung only
  • Bent or parts missing. only in these circumstances we will re-quote you.
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Sell broken Google Pixel XL 128GB to Recycle Faulty Phones. We are happy to buy any faulty, broken and damaged phones at a greater value than any other recyclers.

We just don’t blindly quote a cheap price for faulty mobile phones. After inspecting the fault and condition of the mobile phone device, we also check market prices and then offer you a higher price for your faulty mobile phone device than all other recyclers and that’s a  100% guarantee.

We as a specialised company in recycling faulty mobile phones, buy phones with any fault. Even if it’s worth only parts. So no matter the fault we will still pay you.


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